Berisha SHPK

Who we are


  • Berisha sh.p.k is the first company "do it yourself- do it great" in Kosovo that provides wholesale and retail sale in Kosovo and the region, in the market of building materials and construction equipment.
    Berisha Company is made up of a group of shareholders with long experience in the market of construction materials and technique in Kosove and the region offering a wide range of products and services from logistics to production of industrial materials.

  • Mission

    Berisha sh.p.k personifies active competitive prize to the market value and the quality. Berisha Sh.p.k. encourages, informs, inspires and demonstrates their clients how to build or transform their homes into personalized spaces where they can express themselves.

  • Vision

    When client think home-apartment automatically should think "Berisha sh.p.k" as companies with markets in Kosovo, with better assortments in the market. The cost is oriented by value as well as best service, safer for the buyer.

  • The philosophy of human resources

    You bring potential, dynamism, and your skills, we have the tools and knowledge, thus grow together.

  • Our employees

    Our employees are valuable assets of our Company, essential participants in joint responsibility in fulfilling our mission.

  • Values

    Fundamental values, important for a company like us:
    - Excellent customer service, - Building strong relations with suppliers, customers and staff. - Our employees are valuable assets, - Fair competition in the market.

  • Notices for employment opportunities

    We are looking for candidates with vision and clearly oriented ideas to results and demanding for professional growth. Are you the candidate?! Please contact us…